Sun Signs:

Sagittarius personality

Sagittarians are best know for their great wits and talks. They are also found to be philosophical too. They are freedom-loving and have thousands of friends. They are quick to come to the rescue of others in need though.

They are busy bodies and never slow down in life.They are very loyal and committed in a relationship.

They are good in flirting too. They do not mind giving their regal life for down-to-earth experiences.

Sagittarius Babies

Sagittarius- Sagittarius babies are the most accident-prone of all the babies. They have a lot of energy and need to be restrained at times. They are always restless and like the outdoor. They laugh, have fun and are not afraid of anything easily.

Sagittarius Boss

If you boss happens to be a Sagittarius, then he or she would be very optimistic, liberal and a hard worker. They love to take risks.

Sagittarius Family

For a Sagittarius, family is fun and adventure together. They are highly optimistic and have a good moral backing. They are quite independent but are close to their siblings and parents. Would also take close friends as family.

Sagittarius Father

Sagittarius fathers are fun-loving and indulge their family in adventure and games. He would be very straight-forward that might bring some difficulties at home. Sometime he acts irresponsibly and he has pressures of being a father at times.

Sagittarius Fathers-in-law

A Sagittarius father-in-law has good confidence in his child that he or she would have done the correct thing in life. He likes you to be an open-hearted person with a love for sports and adventure. He hates sympathy as a factor to be liked in his in-laws. He also likes you to be a multi-discipline personality who knows almost any task under the Sun.

Sagittarius Mother

The Sagittarius mom is full of adventure and may be that parent who is always trying out new parenting methods and feeding her kids exotic foods, enrolling them in language classes or off-beat classes such as pottery.

She wants to teach her kids by example and wants to be a good role model. She can be like a life-coach by always giving useful tips to her children.

The Sagittarius mom can be impatient with her kids, she can also fall into lecturing them rather than really teaching them anything, she is also the mom who is most likely to curse in front of her kids.

Sagittarius Mother-in-law

Sagittarius mothers-in-law get along well with family members, particularly the in-laws. They usually do not have anything to disagree. They are optimistic, adventurous and very honest. They have a good rapport with their grandchildren and can stoop to their level. They do not like disagreements in the family and generally do not stir up a hornet's nest unless provoked.

Sagittarius Mom and Dad

A Sagittarius Mom is sometimes found to be less interested in her kids. But then she is quite proud of her children, would have fun with them and teaches them good manners in life and shares adventure with them.

Sagittarius Dads are sometimes found to be very irresponsible regarding their children. But then they are surprises to their kids. Occasionally they pop up with a gift to woo their kids.

Sagittarius Parents

Sagittarius parents love to share adventure with their children. They give them their due sense of freedom and have fun together with them. But some Sagittarius parents are too busy with their own lives and at times they fail to discipline their children as well.

Sagittarius Grandparents

Sagittarius grandparents are generally not found to involve in the lives of their children, if not their grandchildren at any cost. But then when they visit their grandchildren they splurge heavily on them. Some Sagittarius grandparents love their grandchildren to be into adventure and competition. They have a fun side too and love to have a good laugh with their family.

Sagittarius Sibiling

A Sagittarius person makes a good sibling, they are fun to have with. They however do not hold onto their promises. They love to travel and have adventure with you. They are straightforward and do not mind talking to you directly on the face. They are very open and quite hurtful at times. Though they are very optimistic they seem irresponsible at times. Not very arguing too. But be sure to bail them out as they are known to jump to irresponsible decisions in their lives often.

Sagittarius Roommates

Sagittarius roommates are generally very social to their fellow mates. They are highly adjusting and need just their individual freedom and space. However they hate being too clingy. But then some Sagittarius fellows are found to be irresponsible at times, they are also not good in sharing financial resources and bills.

Sagittarius Teacher

Sagittarius natives are not the serious kind of teacher. They are found to be funny by their wards as they crack jokes often. Their classes seem to be very light but full of energy. But they know the tactics to bring their children to order. They are great teachers of philosophy, spirituality and humanities.

Sagittarius Teen

Sagittarius teens are generally well-used up. However they are quite adventurous and very giving in nature. With age they become more confident and vocal rather than the clumsy child they were years earlier. Sagittarius teens are also quite reckless and naive. They observe things going on around them and pick up the threads. With age however they learn a lot and become a bit easier with life.

Sagittarius Dog

A Sagittarius Dog loves adventure, fun and play. They have much energy and vigor. They are highly protective of their territory, but they easily submit themselves to the other dogs.

Sagittarius Cat

These cats just love to play all day long. They love adventure and are very curious. They love to get along with the other cats in the locality. But then they are found to knock off and break things often.

Sagittarius Aunts and Uncles

Sagittarius as an aunt or uncle would be an odd person in your life. They do not extrapolate things and instead would do plain-speak. They push you towards new limits in life. They love to take you on adventure trips.